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Android™ Industrial+ Apps

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Android™ Industrial+ Apps

ACD has developed several tools (apps) for mobile devices under Android™ Industrial+ that make it easier for users to operate Mobile Handheld Computers and/or forklift terminals. Some of them are presented here individually:

Android™ Industrial+ Apps

ACD EasyToConfig

The ACD EasyToConfig app is a software product that makes it easy to set up and configure Mobile Handheld Computers. Once an initial setup has been completed it can also be transferred to other devices (using a barcode or a file).

  • Welcome Wizard for fast initial setup of Mobile Handheld Computers
  • Fast and easy initial setup of WLAN, Bluetooth, display, volume; either combined or separately
  • Fast and easy initial setup of additional ACD apps including ACD ScanConfig, ACD KioskMode/ACD KioskBrowser and ACD Mobile Device Manager
  • After the initial setup has been completed, the configuration can be created in the form of a 2D barcode or configuration file
  • Once the configuration is created it can be quickly and easily transferred to other Mobile Handheld Computers, either by scanning the 2D barcode or by transferring the configuration file (USB stick or ACD MDM)
  • It is also possible to create a corresponding barcode with the configuration settings on a PC and print it

Android™ Industrial+ Apps

ACD KioskMode

ACD KioskMode is a software product that can be used to ensure that the user is only able to access certain apps.

ACD Kioskmode
  • Setting options such as approved apps in the background; approved apps for ACD KioskMode
  • Adjust configurations for the navigation bar and status bar; set icon and message for messaging
  • Password menu for defining and changing passwords

Android™ Industrial+ Apps

ACD KioskBrowser

ACD KioskBrowser is a simple, restrictive web browser that restricts user access.

ACD Kioskbrowser
  • A URL can be entered
  • With ACD KioskBrowser, the customer is only able to access defined URLs
  • No unwanted access to websites by the user are possible

Android™ Industrial+ Apps

ACD SystemApp

The ACD SystemApp is a software product for displaying system information of Mobile Handheld Computers.

  • Display of battery information including charge status, battery status, voltage, temperature, etc.
  • Display of software information including Android version, Android™ build number
  • Display of hardware information including serial number, manufacturer, model, details on CPU and RAM
  • Display for network information
  • Display for memory information
  • Perform system updates
ACD Systemapp

Android™ Industrial+ Apps

ACD ScanConfig

The ACD ScanConfig can be used to configure the integrated scanner of the Mobile Handheld Computer.

  • Enable/disable barcode types
  • Add prefix/suffix to barcode
  • Miscellaneous other settings
  • Per “Configuration by Barcode” you can select if the internal scanner should be configured with ACD ScanConfig or with Zebra 123Scan
  • ACD ScanConfig can also be used to configure the longrange scanner of the M2Longrange module
Logo ACD ScanConfig EN

Android™ Industrial+ Apps

ACD TerminalSettings

ACD TerminalSettings is a diagnostics and configuration program for battery monitoring and system parameters of forklift terminals.

  • System information (voltage, brightness, antenna switching, touch calibration)
  • Information about hardware version, power consumption, firmware version, serial number
  • Information about the battery (battery charge/runtime)
  • Key functions (key assignments)
  • About (version of the app)
ACD Terminalsettings

Android™ Industrial+ Apps

ACD EasyToConnect 2.0

The ACD EasyToConnect 2.0 app is a software product that makes it easy to connect a BLE pairing device (Bluetooth Low Energy pairing device), like smartphone, Mobile Handheld Computer, forklift terminal, with the HasciSE backhand scanner.

  • This is an app for Android (8.0, 8.1 and 9.0) which is used for easy pairing between our backhand scanner and another device.
  • The app runs on the other device. The opposite devices can be forklift terminals, mobile devices, smartphones, etc. (from ACD or the competition). The pairing between HasciSE and the opposite device takes place via Bluetooth.
  • For pairing, a pairing barcode is displayed in the app. By scanning this pairing barcode with HasciSE, the pairing between the other device and HasciSE is automatically established. The button “Disconnect” can be used to interrupt an existing pairing between HasciSE and the opposite device.
ACD EasyToConnect

Android™ Industrial+ Apps


A software product for the M2Smart®SE in combination with the M2UHF-RFID.

  • Wide range of settings (Target, Rate, Region, TX Power, …)
  • Reads UHF-RFID tags
  • Writes UHF-RFID tags
  • Locates UHF-RFID tags

Android™ Industrial+ Apps

ACD EasyToStart

The ACD EasyToStart App is used (as an alternative to the ACD EasyToConfig App) for easy initial setup of mobile handheld computers.

  • Select device language
  • Select WLAN networks and establish a connection
  • Optional: configure mobile handheld computers using ACD EasyToConfig barcodes
  • App installation
ACD_EasyToStart EN
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Complementary Software Tools – ACD Android™ Apps

Increase of usability: KioskMode/KioskBrowser

To round off the Android™ Industrial+ software package, ACD offers its own supporting Android™ apps to further strengthen usability. The ACD KioskMode, for example, is an alternative to the standard “home screen”. By using the ACD KioskMode, the user only gets access to certain apps pre-selected by the device administrator, which prevents unwanted access to other applications or to the Android™ system. The ACD KioskMode is password protected and can be flexibly customized. The administrator has a wide range of configuration options (e.g. navigation bar, system information, quicksettings, notifications). Particularly successful is the combination with the ACD KioskBrowser, which is a restrictive web browser for Android™ devices in restricted device mode. Here the browser line is deactivated, so that with browser applications the user does not have the possibility to change the page and visit unwanted pages by a link input. The end user can only access certain web pages – selected by the administrator – and can only navigate through links in this web page. This is particularly useful for browser applications.

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Other software tools

Further software tools such as the ACD ScanConfig (easy configuration of the integrated scanner), the ACD SystemApp (clear display of system information and execution of system updates), the ACD Easy-ToConfig (quick initial setup of devices and easy transfer of the configuration to other devices) or the ACD M2UHF-RFID App (reading, writing and localization of UHF-RFID tags) complete the extensive portfolio of mobile handheld computers. In the case of forklift terminals, the ACD TerminalSettings as a diagnostic and configuration program for battery monitoring and system parameters should also be mentioned. The mentioned software tools are available without additional costs. Independent of this, ACD offers all standard Android™ interfaces to enable the use of common Mobile Device Managers (SOTI®, etc.) without any problems.