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Voxter elite edition

Order Picking with Pick by Voice

Case Study Pick by Voice


The Pick by Voice Clients, which have been used for order picking of drugstore items for many years now, have gradually become outdated and are no longer at the state of the art in terms or today’s performance standard. Replacement with modern devices was unavoidable. In addition to the important performance optimizations that were required, another key consideration was naturally the price of the new acquisition plus additional service expenses.

Approach to a Solution

The Voxter Elite Edition, currently the smallest and most powerful Voice Client on the market, seemed to be a suitable alternative to the old devices then in use. Since the products previously in use worked without any appreciable difficulties, the greatest problem was integrating the Voxter Elite Edition smoothly and without major time expenditure into the existing, functional system landscape. The integration was implemented in close cooperation with the customer and our software partner. Initial problems with electrostatic charging were successfully resolved by a complete customer-specific hardware overhaul. Special fixed-rate repairs were offered as an additional measure to provide optimum after-sales service.


Nearly 150 Voice Clients are already in use, with 20% faster order picking output compared to the predecessor model.

Employee works with the MAX mobile workstation in the warehouse

Weitere Case Studies

State of the Art in the New Goldhofer Logistics Center

Andreas Schneider, Warehouse Manager at Goldhafer, is enthusiastic about the solution: “lt meets our needs exactly. The portable workstation provides excellent mobility. lt also has rollers that move very easily. The MAX is a lean vehicle that was customized specifically for us with numerous options, modifications and accessories.”