Backhand scanner or Mobile Handheld Computer: Which is the right choice?

In warehouses, distribution centers and other (intra-) logistics facilities, employees use barcode scanners to simplify various logistics operations, including inventory management and order processing. While some companies use stationary devices for these specific tasks, many prefer mobile devices that allow you to move throughout the warehouse area without losing connectivity or being hindered by cables.

Barcode scanners that allow for greater mobility fall into several categories. Among the most common are Backhand scanners and Mobile Handheld Computers. Each solution has its own strengths and is a perfect tool for various data collection applications. For example, wrist scanners are particularly suitable for use in warehouses or distribution centers, as they significantly increase productivity. Mobile Handheld Computers, on the other hand, are more suitable for complex operations and often have additional features (e.g. warehouse management software and other applications).

Which type of barcode scanner should you choose according to your needs? What are the advantages of each? Below is some information that will help you find the right solution for your requirement.

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Advantages of Backhand scanners

The use of Backhand scanners provides the following benefits for warehouses, distribution centers and similar facilities:

  • Better productivity: With wrist scanners, products can be scanned without interrupting workflow. This allows employees to scan items while performing other tasks (e.g., putting away, assembling orders, etc.), which increases productivity.
  • Faster and more accurate data capture: Compared to manual data capture methods, backhand scanners enable faster operations without sacrificing accuracy.
  • Better working conditions: Backhand scanners are designed to provide maximum ergonomics and enable more natural and functional operation. In addition, each type of Backhand scanner has its own features. The HasciSE wrist scanner, for example, attaches to the back of the hand on a glove or wrist strap for maximum freedom of movement.
  • Lower cost: Compared to traditional scanners and other mobile solutions, industrial backhand scanners are less susceptible to damage, reducing the cost of replacing equipment.

Advantages of Mobile Handheld Computers

M2SmartSE with M2Key16 logistics in warehouse

Mobile Handheld Computers generally have different functions than Backhand scanners. Their main features are as follows:

  • Pistol grip for better ergonomics
  • Keyboard for manual data recording
  • Multifunctionality to facilitate more complex tasks than item scanning
  • Compatibility with inventory control system for better logistical support

Choose barcode Backhand scanner or Mobile Handheld Computer from ACD

While barcode scanners can be used for industrial and logistical purposes and share the common goal of capturing and processing data in real time, they have different requirements. Backhand scanners are suitable for fast and accurate operations, while Mobile Handheld Computers are preferable for more complex functions.

Whatever your mobile device needs, the experts at ACD Group can help you choose the right one. Our selection of Mobile Devices includes the following models:

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