M2Smart®SE: Further Thought for Logistics

News Article: Mobile Handheld Computer M2Smart®SE: Further Thought for Logistics

Whereas the purchase of a new Mobile Handheld Computer was previously unavoidable due to new process requirements, the M2Smart®SE now offers completely different possibilities:

Equipped with a patented and award-winning sliding mechanism, numerous modules can be attached and removed easily, quickly and without tools. This means that there is no need to purchase a new complete device; only new modules need to be procured in order for the Mobile Handheld Computer to meet new requirements. Together with the very secure Android™ Industrial+ operating system; version 9.0, the Mobile Handheld Computer M2Smart®SE is an all-rounder of any business process. Especially for applications in logistics, new, helpful features and modules are now added.

M2SmartSE with M2Key16 logistics in warehouse V2

M2Key16 Logistics – the popular logistics quick-entry keyboard

This is a hard-shell keyboard that is attached to the M2Smart®SE as a lower plug-on module. Based on the logistics keyboards of the Mobile Handheld Computer M260TE and M270, which are very popular with customers, the M2Key16 logistics module also has the usual large keys and can therefore also be operated optimally with gloves. The keyboard has a triple assignment (function keys, numeric and alphanumeric keys). The selected keyboard level is indicated via a corresponding LED, which results in very good usability. As with all M2Smart®SE modules, the M2Key16 can be attached or exchanged logistically, quickly and without tools. After plugging it on, it is immediately recognized by the end device without any necessary installation or configuration and is directly ready for use. The keys of all M2Smart®SE keyboard variants can be configured quickly and easily via the ACD KeyConfig app.

Countless scanner variants: Shortange/Midrange/Longrange

In order to meet the different needs in the logistics and warehouse sector, there will be different scan modules for the Mobile Handheld Computer M2Smart®SE in the future. A short-range 2D scanner SE4770 with laser aiming and the possibility to read DotCodes is integrated as standard. The 2D short-range scanner has a range of up to 90 cm.
In addition to the 2D short-range scanner, a new SE4750MR mid-range scanner with laser aiming is available as an option. This mid-range scanner – which is also integrated into the basic unit – has a greater range of up to 430 cm.
The newly developed M2Longrange module integrates the SE4850 2D longrange scanner into an upper plug-on module. This means that, if required, an additional longrange scanner can be attached to the mobile handheld computer quickly, easily and without tools. The long range scanner is immediately recognized as a module and can be used directly for scanning without installation. As usual with the M2Smart®SE, the scan can also be triggered via the scanner buttons on the side. This means that the M2Longrange module can be used to expand the basic device quickly and easily to include a 2D longrange scanner. This allows you to react flexibly to requirements and processes that are not yet known today.
All scanner variants for the Mobile Handheld Computer M2Smart®SE are easily configurable via the ACD ScanConfig App.

RFID Reader

In addition to the new logistics keyboard and the many scanner variants, the Mobile Handheld Computer M2Smart®SE is optionally equipped with an integrated HF-RFID/NFC Reader and offers a robust and intelligent solution for mobile use with HF-RFID. The integrated reader has a frequency range of 13.56 MHz and reads all common HF-RFID tags without any problems.
In addition to the integrated HF-RFID, the M2UHF-RFID module transforms the Mobile Handheld Computer M2Smart®SE into an industrially applicable UHF-RFID handheld if required. The compact shortrange or midrange UHF-RFID module covers all typical application scenarios in the industrial environment. These options are of course combinable with the other modules like keypads, handle, scanners (shortrange/midrange/longrange), etc.

Patented modularity of the M2Smart®SE

ACD’s patented solution, as well as the modularity and the standard interfaces, allow many other plug-on modules, such as handles, distance sensors, temperature modules and different keyboard variants. The individual modules can be exchanged at any time without tools via the plug-in sliding mechanism, thus enabling very efficient, economical and flexible working. Thanks to the modularity, which remains unique on the market, customer-specific modules for all requirements are conceivable. The basic unit with robust main housing and 4.8″ capacitive display has an integrated Li-Ion quick-change battery, which ensures long, uninterrupted working and can be replaced during operation if required. Good technical performance is ensured, among other things, by a powerful NXP® processor and WLAN in accordance with IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/d/h/e/i/r/w/v (2.4 GHz/5 GHz) including BT-compatible short-range radio 5.0.
The basic device has been available since 2020 and – thanks to its unique modularity – has already won the iF Design as well as the German Innovation Award and the Innovation Award of the State of Baden-Württemberg. The development of new modules is being continued on an ongoing basis. In parallel, customer-specific modules are also created or customers develop completely independently with the support of ACD Elektronik.

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