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Android™ Industrial+: System Security and Life-Long Support

Portable ACD devices have been available for some time now with the Android™ Industrial+ operating system. The advantages are plain to see: modern user guidance familiar to users of Android™ smartphones, together with the quality and reliability of the German developer and manufacturer!

But what really distinguishes Android™ Industrial+ and makes it so unique compared to conventional Android™ versions? Android™ Industrial+ is a highly reliable operating system specially optimized by ACD Elektronik GmbH for M2Smart®SE, M270, M260TE, M266SE Mobile Handheld Computers and MFT1x series vehicle terminals. The entire Android™ operating system originates from and remains with the manufacturer in Germany. ACD guarantees data security for the customer with no restrictions and no data is transmitted to third parties. The Android™ Industrial+ is a very secure Android™ which has been available for many years and operates 100 percent independently of external services.

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The Advantages of Android™ Industrial+ in Detail

Unlike all competitors, that often use products from Asian manufacturers, the ACD Android™ Industrial+ version can be adapted to specific customer needs at any time, since all sources are in Germany with the developer and manufacturer – ACD Elektronik GmbH. This also allows for fast response times for adjustments, bugs and security patches. These are also delivered directly OTA (Over the Air) from ACD. The German developer and manufacturer ACD likewise ensures long term supply capability and thus a high level of investment reliability.

The Android™ Industrial+ is a very reliable operating system. The high level of data security is ensured by 100% independence from external services. There is no data migration. Especially in the industrial sector, great importance is attached to this functionality. By the way, ACD offers an Extended Security and Update Service covering the entire product lifecycle for security patches and bugs. Also ensured are fast integration and distribution of security patches plus guaranteed security and support for Android™ versions that are no longer supported. Upgrades to higher Android™ versions are also available.

Comprehensive service and support round out the package: the technical contacts from service and support for ACD are all located in Germany and can therefore offer short response times for customer-specific adaptations or questions. The advantage of communicating with the German manufacturer directly and with no complications (and if necessary directly with the Android™ developer team as well) is unique on the market and greatly reduces complications.

Supplementary Software Tools – ACD Android™ Apps

To round out the Android™ Industrial+ software package, ACD offers its own supporting Android™ apps to further enhance usability. For example, ACD KioskMode is an alternative to the standard “Homescreen.” ACD KioskMode gives users access only to certain apps selected in advance by the device administrator, thereby preventing unwanted access to other applications or to the Android™ system. ACD KioskMode is password-protected and flexibly adaptable. The administrator has versatile options for configuration (including the navigation bar, system information, quick settings and notifications, etc.). The combination with the ACD KioskBrowser is especially successful. The result is a restrictive web browser for Android™ devices in restricted device mode. The browser line is deactivated in this configuration so that there is no way for the user to change pages by entering a link or to visit unwanted pages. The end user is only able to access certain websites that are selected by the administrator, and can only navigate using links in whichever of those websites is active. This is especially useful for browser applications.

The extensive portfolio for Mobile Handheld Computers is rounded out by other software tools including ACD ScanConfig (easy configuration of the integrated scanner), ACD SystemApp (overview display of system information and running system updates), ACD EasyToConfig (fast initial setup of devices and easy transfer of the configuration to other devices) as well as the ACD M2UHF-RFID app (read, write and locate UHF-RFID tags). Another highlight for the forklift terminals is ACD TerminalSettings, a diagnostic and configuration program for battery monitoring and system parameters. The software tools mentioned here are available at no additional cost. Independently of this, ACD offers all standard Android™ interfaces so that common Mobile Device Managers (SOTI®, etc.) can be used with no problems.

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